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• 75 gallon storage capacity
• designed to interconnect for additional storage
• 2” high-flow top and bottom ports
• integral low-maintenance 500 micron filter
• 3/4” threaded connection with hose adapter
• ball valve for direct or remote mounting
• rectangular design occupies minimum space
• child safe and mosquito proof
• made of thick UV-resistant black polyethylene
• sized to ship economically via UPS
• suitable for surface use only


75 gallon Rain Box
(20” x 24 x 42”)

3 RainBoxes assembled

225 gallon Rain Box system
(20” x 72” x 42”)

components of a 3 RainBox system

exploded view of 225 gallon Rain Box system showing RainBox components
(screw, washer, filter pad, hose adapter, and ball valve are included), optional
overflow components, optional coupling components, and garden hose.


drilling hole in RainBox

drill out openings as needed
using 1-3/4" hole saw

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