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We offer a tough, abrasion-resistant coating that forms a seamless, thick rubber skin over concrete, masonry, metal, or wood surfaces. Although considerably more expensive than EPDM rubber, it can be used to waterproof old concrete ponds and other projects that are virtually impossible to seal with sheet liners. Our coating is based on a two-component urethane chemistry that will far outlast single-component liquid rubber coatings and will comply with the toughest environmental air quality regulations. It is safe for use with fish and aquatic plants and is approved for use in drinking-water storage tanks and cisterns.



PREPARATION: Proper preparation is essential to achieve satisfactory results. Old surfaces should be wire-brushed or sandblasted and then vacuumed. New concrete should first be cured 28 days and should be free of release agents and curing compounds. Holes should be filled with epoxy putty or other durable patching compounds. The both the surface and the underlying material must be completely dry before beginning:

APPLICATION: Surfaces to be coated must be warmer than 50° F. To avoid bubbling, the coating should not be applied in direct sunlight and should not be applied when the air temperature is rising. Consequently, the ideal time to apply it is late afternoon or early evening on a warm, dry day.

mixing coating

mix with spiral
mixer in electric drill

applying coating

apply with
paint roller

After mixing is completed, the coating must be applied within twenty minutes, so we recommend using one-gallon units to assure sufficient time for application. Stir the contents of the can with a spiral a mixer mounted in an electric drill and then slowly add the bottle of activator. Continue mixing for a full three minutes, taking care not to draw air into the mixture. Follow this procedure exactly: do not mix by hand; do not mix only part of the components; and do not mix for less than three minutes! To achieve the recommended thickness of 60 mils (approximately one-sixteenth inch), apply at least one gallon for every fifteen to twenty square feet using a paint roller or squeegee. Several coats will be required to achieve this thickness on vertical walls. The coating can be recoated after one hour, but after four hours it must first be thoroughly wire-brushed, so work quickly to avoid extra preparation. After waiting two weeks for the coating to fully cure, clean the pond with a mild detergent, rinse the detergent thoroughly, fill the pond, and add dechlorinator if needed.


Liquid Rubber Liner Kit, 1 gallon - $116.00
Bonding Agent, 1 gallon - $124.00


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