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Permanent repairs in EPDM rubber are easily made with our cured and uncured repair tapes which are self-adhesive laminates of EPDM rubber with a tacky butyl compound. Of the two, cured repair tape is the most durable and is recommended for all routine repairs. However, cured repair tape cannot be stretched, so it is necessary to use uncured repair tape on irregular surfaces such as folds. Cured repair tape is available in 6" or 12" widths; uncured repair tape is only available in 6" widths.

To make a repair, first drain the pond well below the damaged area, scrub the area to be repaired to remove any mud and algae, and let the rubber dry in the sun. If possible, slide a board under the damaged area. Then clean the rubber with a solvent before applying tapes. For best results use toluene, but if this is not available, use white gas (Coleman fuel) or naptha. Wearing protective gloves, apply the solvent to the rubber with a plastic cleaning pad. Scrub the rubber vigorously to abrade the surface and quickly wipe the dirty solvent with a lint-free cloth. Repeat this procedure until the rubber is dark black, and then wipe once more with a clean solvent-saturated cloth. Important: do not skip the solvent cleaning process and do not use any other solvents since they may prevent proper adhesion!

Cut a patch of Repair Tape several inches larger than the damaged area and round the corners of the patch. Remove and discard the paper backing, trying not to touch the sticky surface! Carefully position the patch so that it extends two-inches past all sides of the damage. Rub the patch from the center outward to remove trapped air, and roll with a 2" to 3" wide roller. If you don't have a roller, press firmly with the heels of your palms. Wait until the next day to refill the pond.

clean rubber

clean the pond
liner with solvent

cut patch

round the corners of the patch with a scissors

peel backing

peel off the
backing paper

apply patch

place the patch with
a 2" overlap all sides

roll patch

apply firm pressure
with a narrow roller


Cured Repair Tape, 6", per foot - $3.20
Cured Repair Tape, 6", 100 ft roll - $216.00
Cured Repair Tape, 12", per foot - $6.40
Cured Repair Tape, 12", 50 ft roll - $216.00
Uncured Repair Tape, 6", per foot - $3.20
Uncured Repair Tape, 6", 100 ft roll - $216.00
EPDM Caulk - $5.20
Professional Seam Roller - $19.80
Scrubbing Pad - $0.20


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